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OUT Syracuse is launching our next LGBTQ ERG in January 2024! It is open to LGBTQ employees of businesses and organizations in the Syracuse area that do not have their own ERG group. Michael Sgro, CPBC, is the head coach facilitating the program structure, membership and activities.


LGBTQ ERG members are encouraged to have their companies sponsor their professional membership for year-long opportunities. The membership includes six online professional development training modules, three in-person social/wellness opportunities, two community service projects, two leadership assessments and a mentor.

Given the popularity of this program, we are offering a year-long membership for $497. that includes the monthly programming, an exclusive LinkedIn group, a mentor that supports you, and unlimited access to an LGBTQ business/leadership coach. The cost has been offset by the membership fees of businesses in the community.

Business leaders, human resources staff and colleagues should also consider offering this opportunity to your LGBTQ team members.

An ERG (employee resource group) is a workplace club or more formally realized affinity group organized around a shared interest or identity. ERGs give employees an opportunity to connect with like-minded people and are often a cornerstone of employer diversity and inclusion efforts.


Our ERG was listed as one of Central New York's  most engaging opportunities for the LGBTQ community.


Downtown Pedal Tour


Service project 1


July 2023


Coach Sgro will reach out an arrange a 45-minute consult to see if this program is a fit for you.

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