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ElleRae's Taco

ElleRae's Taco is fast-casual, Cali-Mex street food. Serving some of the best tacos in Syracuse NY.

Danielle Jackson is a self-taught chef who’s love for food began at a very early age, with shows such as “America's Test Kitchen” and “Julia and Jacques Cooking at Home” sparking her desire to get into the kitchen. Growing up in San Jose, California, Danielle loved making dinners for her family and friends, and as her culinary skills grew, she branched out to explore the unique flavors that surrounded her. She naturally found herself heavily influenced by the Mexican street food and cuisine in her Bay Area community.

Danielle moved from the West Coast to the East Coast in 2015 and worked in various customer service-based positions.  Her love for cooking never faded and, although she never formally worked in food services, she never stopped sharpening her culinary abilities. She soon got the idea of bringing Cali-Mex street food to Syracuse. In 2018, she started selling dinners from her home, focusing on classic items like rice, beans, and—of course—tacos. It was a hit!

Over the next seven years, ElleRae’s Taco continued to build a loyal customer base, all from weekly taco sales from Danielle’s home while she maintained a full-time job with TSA. By 2023, her hard work paid off—she was selected to join the Salt City Market food hall and bring ElleRae’s Taco’s first brick-and-mortar location to life. Now, Danielle’s dream of creating a taste of San Jose in Syracuse is a reality.

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