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Exhale Bake Shop (Food Truck)

Hi! I’m Maria Eliana, I’m a classically trained baker and personal assistant to two small children. For the past 8 years I have taken on the role of mom and in-home cake maker. Juggling all of that taught me the value of self-care and finding time to breathe.

I found just that in my baking – taking a few simple ingredients, watching the mixer and oven make magic with them, and creating something delicious has become my big “exhale”.

So come find me at my next pop-up, food truck rally or have me cater your next event. Take some time for yourself and find your Exhale.

Life gets crazy and stays that way. As a busy mom, I’ve found that baking is my chance to just pause and take a deep breath. It’s my passion to share that with others, especially amidst all the crazy.

Visit Facebook, Instagram or email Maria to start your adventure.

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