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Onondaga Historical Association (OHA)

Onondaga Historical Association (OHA) was formed in 1862 by community leaders and officially chartered in April of 1863 by an act of the New York State Legislature with the purpose of collecting and preserving historical, genealogical, scientific and literary material related to Onondaga County, New York. Today, in addition to our founding mission, OHA has become much more.

OHA is a private nonprofit educational association of heritage related Services, Museums, Research and Educational Centers, and Retail Operations.

Our downtown location contains our Administrative Offices, the Onondaga Historical Museum as well as an extensive research center and a Gift Gallery Museum Store with an expanding, collection inspired product line. But, OHA’s reach goes beyond the walls of our building downtown.

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OUT Syracuse's mission is to promote Syracuse #lgbtq people, activities and businesses to create visibility and economic empowerment in our larger community.



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