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  • Michael D. Sgro
  • Michael D. Sgro
  • Michael D. Sgro
  • Michael D. Sgro

Hello everyone. I am Mike Sgro, Owner and Leadership Coach of Michael Sgro Leadership Coaching and Founder & Managing Director of OUT Syracuse. I started this community program to increase visibility and the economic empowerment of the local LGBT community. As a gay man who grew up in Syracuse, I didn't have OUT role models in the community or formal spaces to grow and learn from my LGBT peers. This work is a love letter to all those who needed to be seen and weren't in the past. Today, no one gets left behind. Feel free to connect with me directly, especially if you are thinking about moving to or back to Syracuse. Proud to be Home!

OUT Syracuse, was created by Michael Sgro, CPBC in 2018, as a way to build more awareness of the business and economic contributions of the LGBT community. It is a social enterprise under the umbrella of community programs by Michael Sgro, LLC.

We focus on economic empowerment, training business leaders, inspiring entrepreneurship and developing skills for the entire Syracuse LGBTQ community seeking equity and excellence.

Our unique Proud to Be Home campaign was inspired by the original Come Home to Syracuse campaign from 40 Below, which Mike Sgro was a member, to increase the retention efforts of our LGBT community members, reach newcomers and boomerangs.

We welcome students, professionals and businesses to become members of our growing inclusive community.

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