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Blue Salt Air

Blue Salt Air is a creative studio designed to inspire and encourage artistic expression. We work with artisans, brands, and small business owners who have a vision but need a partner to help bring it to life.

Collaboration and incubation are the name of the game. We serve as a partner and sounding board through the process of creating a brand, brainstorming content, and planning out how you want to send it out to the world.

Blue Salt Air is powered by two creative souls on a never-ending quest to make all of their wildest dreams come true. Jannie and Carrie met at the Food Network in 2004. During their tenure, they gained a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of the business, with Jannie leading website design at and Carrie serving as Vice President of Public Relations. They spearheaded successful shows, charitable programs, food festivals, cookbooks, games, and magazines.

In 2010, drawn by Portland's bustling food scene, Jannie and Carrie founded Little Green Pickle, a public relations and website agency catering to the food and drink industry. They also co-founded Feast Portland, a highly regarded food and beverage festival, in 2012.

2020 brought about significant changes. Jannie and Carrie sold their shares in Feast, handed over their clients to employees, closed Little Green Pickle, and returned to the East Coast to be closer to family. Inspired by the creative growth potential of Syracuse, they’ve now embarked on this new venture, Blue Salt Air.

Visit to start your future partnership and

OUT Syracuse's mission is to promote Syracuse #lgbtq people, activities and businesses to create visibility and economic empowerment in our larger community.



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