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Sky Armory

The concept of SKY Armory was born from a commitment to planning events customized to the client, combined with a love for aesthetic, great food, and a stress-free wedding planning experience. 


We found the perfect space for our vision right in the heart of Downtown Syracuse, at the former Wells & Coverly Department Store. We transformed the building into a versatile space with large windows for city viewing, exposed steel beams, white walls, and brick elements. And in October of 2014 we opened our doors and have wowed our clients and their guests ever since.


Our Mission 


Your venue, your way. 


We're event planners first, so our concept for a unique venue is different from what you’d get at a traditional banquet facility. That’s because SKY Armory is all about being client centric and customizing the event experience.  As Nicole likes to say, “we fixed all of our pet peeves with the other venues.”

Which is why SKY Armory offers several elements to help you get the most out of your experience booking at SKY. When you book your event with us you can expect:


  • Flexible event spaces

  • Fresh, made from scratch foods 

  • Curated bar selections – including great wines (served in the appropriate wine glass), craft beers, and both classic and signature cocktails

  • Floral design and décor (we have a florist on staff!)

  • An on-site event planner

Each of these elements come together to truly customize your event. But most importantly, our attention to detail and knack for planning is designed to alleviate any planning-related stress.


We like to say that our on-staff event planner is truly what sets SKY apart and helps to make your experience as enjoyable as possible. Our event planner is with you every step of the way, from booking until the very last moment of your event. This combined with our exceptional service, made from scratch food, perfectly picked beverages, decor and the small details truly gives clients an all-inclusive experience.

Don't settle. Be unforgettable.

Why More People Choose SKY Armory


Choosing SKY Armory looks like: a blissful couple on their wedding day, stress-free executives raising a glass with their colleagues at the end of a successful meeting, or a board of directors floored by the powerful response to a game-changing gala. We’re committed to making the event planning process as simple as possible for our clients – so you can enjoy every moment of your event. 


When it comes to event venues, more people choose SKY Armory.

Visit to start your journey.

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