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With over 40 years of experience in the industry,  CXtec supports enterprises throughout the world in rethinking how they build, support, decommission, and upgrade their IT infrastructure hardware to redefine their IT strategy towards a sustainable course.



Decarbonizing the infrastructure that powers exciting technological advancements however, requires more than green energy and carbon offsets. It is imperative for organizations to collectively break away from brand-new equipment manufacturers and toward more ethical, sustainable – and profitable – growth models.


Through our unique engineering, processes, and technologies, CXtec believes in transforming technological infrastructure for organizations, which is the backbone of our digital world.


We find flexible, innovative solutions for you to recover value from your technology investment at every stage of the hardware lifecycle. Our business models enable companies to realize the full potential of their technology while also providing cutting-edge solutions to the larger industry for performance, scalability, and sustainability.

Visit the website for details, programs and services.

OUT Syracuse's mission is to promote Syracuse #lgbtq people, activities and businesses to create visibility and economic empowerment in our larger community.



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